Top 5 Amusement Parks to Haunt in your SpiritHood this Halloween

hudgens-halloween-102813spOh Halloween! Pretty much one of the best holidays to look forward to every year. It’s the one day out of the year where you can be anyone but yourself or in that case, maybe even your spirit animal.

Dressing up and posing as something else just so happens to be one of the best parts…oh ya, and of course, the candy, for all you sweet-tooth cravers out there. There’s so much to do during the month of October, and the days leading up to All Hallows’ Eve. Can you say, haunted houses, hayrides, pumpkin patches, mazes, fright nights, and scary movies?!

Amusement parks tend to be particularly frightening this time of year, and is a great way to get your haunt on for a whole month…in your Spirithood no less! So if you’re too scared to embark on this journey into some of the most frightening, grueling, amusement park haunts in the country, then I suggest you cover your eyes and look away! Here we go…

Disneyland Resort & Disney World: For you tame of hearts…Disneyland & Disney World…the happiest places on earth, each year revamp their parks into Halloween Splendor. The ghoulish Disney fun begins at the end of September and throughout the month of October. The bonus would be your favorite Disney villains, lurking about the parks, inflicting mayhem and madness with everyone they meet.

Spirithood tribe members, if you haven’t thought about this before…it’s time to whip out your Spirithood, gather your tribe, and take a trip to Disney during Halloween. Be prepared for some photo-ops on some of your favorite rides, with the ultimate Disney villains, and of course, you can’t miss the fireworks!

Knotts Berry Farm- Halloween Haunt (Buena Park, CA): Don’t let the phrase Halloween haunt scare the beejives out of you because Knott’s Berry Farm just so happens to be called, “Scary Farm” during the month of October.  Crazy voodoo scenes, a midnight ride through the mines of witch’s keep, and of course, conquering the likes of Disney’s classic character, Pinocchio—unstrung. Scary right?! That’s nothing! You’re in for a real treat with the Scary Farm’s, “Trapped: Lock & Key!” Become a part of the very things that go bump in the night and attempt to conquer your darkest fears-your inner most terrors that will make even the bravest soul want to run home to mommy! This scary maze is sure to knock your socks off…or just make you piss your pants. More.

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4 Ways to Become a More Interesting Human Being


It’s about to get real ya’ll. Ever wonder what makes interesting people so fascinating?

We’ve come up with four simple tips to help get to the bottom of it.

1. Tell the truth.

As a society, we have become excellent bullshitters. Leonard Saxe, Ph.D., a polygraph expert and professor of psychology at Brandeis University, says, “Lying has long been a part of everyday life. We couldn’t get through the day without being deceptive.”

A great way to be interesting? Challenge the status quo. Next time you’re late to an undesirable event and desperately trying to come up with an excuse as to why– try saying “sorry I was late, I didn’t want to come.” Heads will roll, and your level of badassness will elevate. Real recognize real.

2. Say yes, a lot.

The most interesting people are the ones who are always down for a last minute adventure. Do you know people like this? Their answer to any offer that involves fun and a bit of risk is almost always “hell yeah! I’m in.”

Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman, explains this exceptionally well during his commencement address at the University of California at Berkeley: “Find a way to say yes to things. Say yes to invitations to a new country. Say yes to meeting new friends. Say yes to learning a new language, picking up a new sport. Yes is how you get your first job, and your next job. Yes is how you find your spouse, and even your kids. Even if it’s a bit edgy, a bit out of your comfort zone, saying yes means you will do something new, meet someone new and make a difference in your life, and likely in others’ lives as well… Yes is a tiny word that can do big things. Say it often.”

Hell yeah, Schmidt. We’re in.


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3 Things You Can Learn From Your Cat


They are hairball producing, self-cleaning, amusement searching creatures that make all of us so happy: yes, we are talking about cats. Of all the things we can learn from our cats, there are three of prominence we absolutely must talk about. Follow these three simple mantras, and just maybe Andrew Lloyd Webber’s next musical might be about you instead of these furry pets.

1. Be Independent

Leave a cat all day, she will have found a million things to do before you get home. By six A.M. she is demanding to be called queen of the house, sitting high and mighty above the armoire. Cats are the best example of self-entertainment. Curious by nature, cats know how to create a great time out of what appears to be nothing. When is the last time you climbed up a tree and hung out there all day by yourself? Yes the rest of the world might be looking for you and the fire truck, racing your way– but can’t a girl just do some self reflecting in peace?


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Why Lions Aren’t Shy and Wolves don’t Play by Rules

LionsArent-no-textWhat if I told you that your life has always been destined for greatness? It has. It’s not the reality of our life that limits us, but the belief that we are a product of what life gives us. We are not passive beings living on puppet strings waiting for the next scene to play. We are active masterminds that have pens in our hands and storybooks in our names. Legends in the makings, we are a nature of many kinds, yet one thing amongst all of us remains true:we were created to be bold; we were created to be free.

Lions aren’t shy and wolves don’t play by rules.  Because they are in tune with their greatness and their power. They survive on their strengths, not their insecurities and fears.

There once was a 10 year old girl, whose father grabbed her hand and walked her past a line that continued on for miles. They walked and walked for what felt like eternity. Finally right at the very front of the line, he stopped, smiled at the people now behind them, and so gently patted the security man’s shoulder, “what’s up my man!” and handed him their tickets.


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SpiritHoods: #TribeLife – Brett Dennen on becoming an artist

#TribeLife is all about featuring the unique and inspiring lives of our tribe members, who they are, what they do, and why they do it.

In this brief and honest interview, Brett Dennen talks about the intimacy of song writing and what he feels is necessary for realizing your dreams and becoming an artist.

For more info on Brett go to: http://brettdennen.net/

We encourage all of our members to get involved by submitting your own unique life experiences and how SpiritHoods has influenced you. We will be rolling out our own set of videos highlighting people within our tribe that inspire us and every month we will pick a Tribe Member’s photo, Youtube video, comment or letter to host on our new blog.

Make sure to #TribeLife on everything! And send all e-mails, videos etc. to tribelife@spirithoods.com

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SpiritHoods: #TribeLife – Maya Thompson & The Ronan Thompson Foundation

Maya Thompson called her three year old son Ronan, her “Spicy Monkey.” He was only three years old when he lost his life to cancer. Ronan loved his SpiritHood and would often wear it in the hospital while undergoing chemotherapy. Maya says, “It brought him joy, strength and happiness. He was so brave when he wore his hood”. In honor of Ronan and his story and because monkeys were his favorite animal and purple his favorite color, we have created the Spicy Monkey SpiritHood and upon every purchase we donate 100% of profits to the Ronan Thompson Foundation.

#TribeLife is all about featuring the unique and inspiring lives of our tribe members, who they are, what they do, and why they do it.

We encourage all of our members to get involved by submitting your own unique life experiences and how SpiritHoods has influenced you. We will be rolling out our own set of videos highlighting people within our tribe that inspire us and every month we will pick a Tribe Member’s photo, Youtube video, comment or letter to host on our new blog.

Make sure to #TribeLife on everything! And send all e-mails, videos etc. to tribelife@spirithoods.comspicymonkeygood

To check out the collaboration go to: www.spirithoods.com/spicymonkeys


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Falling Whistles Founder Sean on SpiritHoods Youtube Channel

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Blonde Suburbia: The SpiritHoods Interview


Not too long ago I shared some amazing headwear with you… The response I had was awesome and many of my followers couldn’t wait to get their hands on a Spirit Hood, Heck they gotta be good if Nylon are talking about them too!! Desordre in Darlinghurst and Tuchuzy of Bondi were quick to pick up on the Spirit Hood trend and bought these babies to our shore… and basically making it a hell of a lot easier to get our hands on these furry critters…
So this month I decided to see if I could catch up with the folk behind Spirit Hoods, I managed to get in touch with Ashley Harber one of the co- founders of Spirit Hoods, Ashley does all the Photography, Branding and marketing as well as design etc… The photography mind you is amazing.. Because it looks extremely fun to actually own one of these things… For all you Perth readers out there Ashley has some connection with Perth although he’s never been here Ashley was a good friend of the late Heath Ledger…
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The Nine Types of Intelligence


The Nine Types of Intelligence
By Howard Gardner

1. Naturalist Intelligence (“Nature Smart”)

Designates the human ability to discriminate among living things (plants, animals) as well as sensitivity to other features of the natural world (clouds, rock configurations). This ability was clearly of value in our evolutionary past as hunters, gatherers, and farmers; it continues to be central in such roles as botanist or chef. It is also speculated that much of our consumer society exploits the naturalist intelligences, which can be mobilized in the discrimination among cars, sneakers, kinds of makeup, and the like. More.

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Single Guy: Field Test Review

Chase and SpirtHoods Team,

thank you for your incredible gift of guerrilla marketing!  Just wanted to report back on my evening…

As promised, I wore the brown wolf cap you gave me and only put it back on my neck twice when my head was overheating in a close bar filled with happy store managers!

When I left the TOW reception, my group headed down to the Keys piano bar for the Russell sportswear party- about 600-700 people there i suppose.   When we first went in there were NO seats anywhere and we headed back towards the back.  As I went in, EVERYONE i passed who was close enough for eye contact gave me the once over and then smiled.


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