Dash Berlin, Henry Fong, MOTi, Dyro, Armin Van Buuren and more in this weeks episode of SpiritHoods Presents: Tribalive Radio Episode 006!


Welcome to another edition of SpiritHoods Presents: Tribalive Radio! This week’s episode features some of our favorite tracks from Dash Berlin, Henry Fong, MOTi, Dyro, Armin Van Buuren and more! Big shout out to husky tribe member @Callmeaangel for giving our podcast some extra love this week! We’re so excited to see all of your guys rocking your hoods everywhere you go. We can’t keep our covers looking beautiful without our tribe, so make sure to #‎Tribalive & #SpiritHoods to be featured as the cover of next weeks mix!


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Wearing Fur is So Last Century. Check Out These Awesome Cruelty-Free Alternatives

SLIDER2Winter, despite its frosty reputation, is the season of cuddling by the fireplace under a warm blanket while sipping a hot cup of vegan hot chocolate. Unfortunately, it’s also the season when fur comes out of the closet. Of all the wonders that exist in this season’s “wonderland,” people decked out in skin that isn’t their own is not one of them.

For those who wear fur, it is a symbol of luxury and the upper class, but for others passing a fur wearer on the street is the equivalent of walking by a butcher shop. The only place fur belongs is on its owner, which certainly isn’t a human (unless you count a hipster beard, which is a whole other article). More.

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SpiritHoods Presents: Tribalive Radio Episode 005

You didn’t think we would send you into the weekend empty handed did you? SpiritHoods Presents: Tribalive Episode 005 is here with new tunes to get you dancing through your weekend! Congrats to leopard tribe member @Emileenee for winning this weeks cover contest and don’t forget to #tribalive if you want to be on the cover of the next episode!


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The Crystal Method drops a guest mix on Tribalive Radio

The Crystal Method Drops a Set Exclusively for the Tribe on Tribalive Radio!!!

It’s time to kick off your weekend with another dancetastic episode of Tribalive Radio! You favorite duo kick off the hour with some handpicked selections of the latest and greatest in electronic dance.  Later in the show, Ken and Scott from the Crystal Method are dropping an exclusive mix just for the tribe!

This weeks cover contest winner is (insert winner’s insta/twitter username here)! We’re loving the pictures of you and your tribe rocking your hoods! If you and your friends want to be on the cover of next weeks podcast, be sure to snap a pic during your prowltastic adventures, and dance offs this weekend in your hoods and #Tribalive!
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SpiritHoods Feb 2015 Spotify Playlist

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True Facts About The Naked Mole Rat

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TribAlive Episode 002

It’s Friday, and that means we’re bringing you another episode of hard hitting beats to get you dancing into your weekend! This weeks episode includes some of our favorite tracks from Dimitri Martin, Dash Berlin, Henry Fong, Axwell Ingrosso, Above & Beyond, and many more! For our tribe members on the go, we made the Tribalive Radio Podcast available for free in the iTunes store so you can take it where ever you go!

<– DOWNLOAD iTunes Podcast HERE –>

 <– Listen on SoundCloud HERE –>

And remember, if you want to be on the cover of next weeks episode of Tribalive Radio, post a picture of your and your friends having fun in your hoods and hashtag #tribalive @spirithoods!”

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Ted Talk: How we found the giant squid

Humankind has been looking for the giant squid (Architeuthis) since we first started taking pictures underwater. But the elusive deep-sea predator could never be caught on film. Oceanographer and inventor Edith Widder shares the key insight — and the teamwork — that helped to capture the squid on film for the first time.

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Tribalive Episode 001

Spirithoods is always looking for an opportunity to bring the tribe to life.  We know music is a pretty important element to…well everyone’s lives, so we’ve partnered up with a DJ duo that lives and breathes the mantra of Spirithoods to bring you TribaliveRadio! Tribalive will curate this new weekly podcast to bring you the best in electronic dance weekly that appeals to everyone’s inner animal. We are certain this unique podcast will be the perfect soundtrack to your weekends. We also have some special guests lined up who will be joining us and sharing special mixes exclusively for the tribe!
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Fan Feature: the Wakanda Tribe


Email us about your adventures at adventures@spirithoods.com

This past July 15th some of our Wakanda Tribe attended the Shania Twain concert in Las Vegas. We rocked our hoods for the three days leading up to the concert and even purchased a Grey Wolf Hood for Ms. Twain herself, that we hoped she would receive in time to see us in the audience wearing ours. Accompanying the hood was a letter explaining our love for SpiritHoods and our tribe as a whole, hoping she would better understand the gift.

Upon the day of the concert we were fortunate enough to have met her personal manager and protection detail team and they assured us Shania had indeed received her hood!!! We were elated to know she got the gift and we were ready to rock with her that night. To our surprise, the security detail not only remembered us, but upgraded our seats to amazing front row! Shania orchestrated the upgrade and More.

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